WEBINAR - A Step Towards Healthy Life Through Ayurveda

Posted on May 30th, 2020 @ 06:08am


Acharya Charaka has mentioned that ‘Even a poisonous substance can be converted into an excellent medicine when prepared and administered using the right methods. Conversely, even a good medicine may act as a potent poison if improperly administered’. It signifies the importance of proper administration of the medicines. Along with the quality and proper dose of a medicine, there is an equal or slightly more importance of proper administrator. People are enthusiastic in incorporating Ayurvedic principles in their day-to-day life. Ayurveda is useful to attain the health, prevention and treatment of diseases. Ayurveda has lots to offer but for the person who is following these should follow the authentic sources. For this we organised a webinar series “A STEP TOWARDS HEALTHY LIFE THROUGH AYURVEDA” on 5 th – 7 th May 2020 to clear some concepts and to create awareness.

Effort was made to cover the points which are frequently asked by various health enthusiasts. Which Lifestyle should be adopted during this lock down period and how to unlock happiness through Ayurveda was discussed in this webinar. Acharya Charaka believes that a wholesome diet is essential for the maintenance of the health; sleep is essential for happiness. Therefore, obesity and leanness are specifically caused by improper sleep and diet. Diet has major a role in individual’s health. If someone is cautious to be healthy but unaware of proper diet rules then it all will be in vain. Health starts with what we eat and what we do throughout the day. Proper utilization of available food articles in our kitchen is the main key factor in our health.

For this free webinar series, we received more than 550 registrations. The participants were from diverse backgrounds like businessman, teacher, doctors and students. It simply emphasises the curiosity among the people about the Ayurveda.

# Details of the Webinar Series -

1. Speaker : Dr. Milind Chatrabhuji

Topic : Ayurveda Kitchen to Rasavidya

Date : 05/05/2020

Link  : https://youtu.be/BC7061SbQ8o


2. Speaker : Dr. Manoj Pande

Topic : Ayurveda Myths & Facts

Date : 06/05/2020

Link  : https://youtu.be/taLahoBV5KQ


3. Speaker : Dr. Ketki Wagh

Topic : Lockdown Specific Ayurvedic Lifestyle

Date : 07/05/2020 

Link  : https://youtu.be/S5CUiTIYbwk

Webinar Series Co-ordinator – Dr. Manoj Pande

Webinar Series Support Team – Dr. Nivedita Dhanvijay & Dr. Milind Chatrabhuji